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Compress WebP, PNG and JPEG images intelligently

This isn’t too different from how widgets work in MacOS, available when you want to take a glance but disappearing when you don’t need them. Eventually, the feature will be open to developers, so expect to see more third-party widgets down the road. Two of the biggest places you’ll notice a change are in File Explorer, and any time you right-click to get a context menu. It’s cleaner, but it can take some getting used to. Now that you installed Windows, you can begin setting it up and using the OS. This method works on both Windows 11 Home and Pro and avoids the need to create a Microsoft account.

But the problem here is that Windows 11 is just bad at it. Instead of solving users’ problems, they have rather created more hassle for the user. Last October, I received a notification that said my Lenovo Yoga X380 was eligible for the upgrade to Windows 11. As skeptical as I always am of Microsoft, I did not go for it right away. I was waiting until Microsoft was done with all the Windows 11 beta versions. So I ended up feeling safe about upgrading in late December.

Formerly rival technologies have come together in Samsung displays

Increased the Atrium Island displays’ resolution when the player’s visual quality settings are set to Medium or Higher. Fixed an issue where players can retrigger Shatter Roxy’s cutscene in Overtime. I have noticed this issue with a lot of the games I play. GW2 I had a big issue with my mouse cursor slipping off my main screen into my second screen. I also have slippage when in combat and its annoying because I can’t turn my character or move my character without the mouse cursor slipping or just staying put. Someone told me it had to do with changing the sensitivity configuration on the mouse settings.

  • Even if Discord is a great tool for in-game chatting, the share screen function is not always working as expected by users.
  • Either I buy another key, or sign in to MS account and say “I changed hardware.” BS for sure.
  • If you know about the virtual machine, you will like the Windows Sandbox feature of Windows 11.
  • If your PC is brand new, it might have come with Windows 11 preinstalled.

PCs failing to meet the minimum requirements can unofficially be upgraded. To avoid any complications, such workarounds are not recommended and will not be covered by this guide. On August 31, 2021, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 was to be released on October 5, 2021.

Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements and PC Health Check app

With the launch just weeks away, Windows 11 continues to be mostly defined by what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t offer local account creation options for Windows Home users. It doesn’t run on a lot of equipment that was previously supported under Windows 10. You should then be able to click/tap on I don’t have internet and Continue with limited setup, and go to step 21D to set up a local account. Once the installation reaches 100%, you’ll be asked to restart your computer. Your PC will continue working on configuring the update and will likely restart a few times to complete the process.

You can obviously click through these however you want, but it’s something that feels like a big step forward from the Windows 10 app. At the top, there’s the toolbar where you’ll find regular options like rotate, trash, inking, and so on. Here’s what really annoys me, and this isn’t a new problem. Ever since Microsoft killed off its in-house Groove Music service, it’s deemed Spotify to be the music streaming service of choice for Windows users.

The new Start Menu doesn’t use a docked design like on Windows 10 and also takes up a lot of screen estate. Even with a lot of unused space inside the Start Menu itself, there’s also a separate Widgets panel. In this article, we’ll offer reasons that could change your mind about wanting to upgrade to Windows 11.

Windows 11 isn’t an across-the-board success for Microsoft, but at this point I’m confident it’s stable and usable enough that you should feel safe to upgrade — if your PC qualifies, of course. Once the app is installed and open, you need to locate the Windows 11 banner at the top of the page and click Check Now. This update is coming later in the year, and it will have changes for the Taskbar, Task Manager, File Explorer, and more. Windows 11 is only getting more different from Windows 10 visually going forward.

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