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How Much Should Your Web Design Cost?

Also, I’ve estimated how much money it’s required to build a website of each type . The final website development cost also depends a lot on the region where you outsource web development or form an in-house team. Expenses on custom CMS development can vary from $3,000 to $9,000 and over. Content management system is a solution that allows to create, manage, and edit website content. So if you want to change a word in a paragraph somewhere on the website, you won’t need to ask developers to do that.

web design cost per hour

Timeline, location, the scope of the project, and web design costs are some of these factors. “The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio. The team provides designs, UI/UX, and other services promptly without sacrificing quality.

Website Design Pricing: When To Ask For Payment

I have take advantages of their services and for start up it is very recommended. To create a professional-looking website, you’d be better off starting with As mentioned here, you can build a website with a shopping cart for as low as $190 per year. Here’s a detailed guide on how to build a web store with ease.

  • And some back-end developers might be very skilled in setting up complex integrations.
  • It proves that your website design should be usable from a mobile device if you don’t want to lose a great number of your customers.
  • QA engineers are starting to participate in the project from this stage and continue working on it till release.
  • Timeline, location, the scope of the project, and web design costs are some of these factors.
  • The domain name should definitely be included in the cost of a website.
  • Some front-end developers also have experience with web design or marketing.

But in the case of freelancers, the charge should be a decent one that would earn him/her living besides keeping the business afloat. Going below a certain hourly rate would not be wise, as that would build the client’s expectation to get the work done at lower rates. Working with hourly rates, however, is often better when a project only requires certain elements of the above-listed services and options. If you are paying hourly for web design, remember that you also need to pay for web development.

Should You Charge By The Project Or Hourly?

Fiverr and Upwork are just companies leveraging people able to work on projects anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world. This means if you’re good at what you do, you can pitch and win work in places where the going rate is much higher than your area. When you’re employed by a company, your employer withholds taxes from your paycheck. These withheld taxes include payments into Medicare and Social Security. If you’re self-employed, you have to pay both the employer and the employee contributions. A simple Google search on web design pricing will give you numbers all across the board–from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars for a website.

web design cost per hour

Clients that are willing to pay more usually look for a larger portfolio before hiring a website designer. Finally, estimate the time/profit ratio and establish the fee. When a new customer approaches with a new project, you will be able to make a quotation according to their needs. The minimum fee to charge will depend on the web design cost. It should also provide the income that you need for a comfortable lifestyle. This article presents a useful guide for those who want to set out their website design pricing.


While some free tools are great, they usually have limited website functionality and relying solely on them can stunt your growth. The price may go higher if you’d like to install premium addons and a premium theme for your online store. But in comparison to other eCommerce website builders, this is still a more affordable option.

web design cost per hour

From setting rates to finding clients, it’s everything you need for freelance success. You need to walk a fine line between quoting what you’re worth based on your local market versus the global one. You might be able to raise your rates 10–15%, but if you’re going to command a higher rate, your work will need to stand out on a global level too.

The Type Of Websites You Design

You’ll get a break from your domain and hosting providers if you pay for your business website’s fees annually, not monthly. Alison’s Moonlit Media web design cost per hour company consists of three employees, and her design packages start at $95. A WordPress site is a good option for blogs and content-heavy websites.

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Or if they want to improve their existing site or build a new one. Ranges from $2000 to $15,000), and it depends on the designer’s skills and the style you choose. Simplistic 2D designs cost less than 3D motion design pieces. However, it does not mean that they are worse; you should always keep in mind if it suits your brand.

Then, as your business grows, you can steadily raise your prices in line with the increasing value of the websites you build. Charging a flat rate to build websites is the best way to run and scale a design business. That said, it will be difficult to convince clients to pay that much if you don’t have enough experience behind you and proof to back it up. That said, I do think this is a viable option for new web designers. Just be careful with how much you set that hourly rate for. As a web designer, you might think that what you get paid to build websites doesn’t matter so long as you have money in the bank.

At $46 per hour, you’re not going to be able to make ends meet. And, what about taking time off for vacation or sick time? When you’re in a full time job, those employee benefits are covered. If you want to take a vacation as a freelancer, you need to bank money ahead of time to compensate for not working for a week. In that case, ask their budget and see if you can tighten the scope.

How Much Do Web Designers Charge Per Hour?

Those new to graphic design and still working to build a portfolio shouldn’t charge as much as someone who has a decade of experience. Unfortunately, many of these websites put a lot of emphasis on hourly rates and “starting at” prices for projects. What you want your site to do determines your web design price.

web design cost per hour

Many designers, especially those who offer hosting, will also include a certain level of maintenance. The average cost of monthly web maintenance is anywhere from $35 to several thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of your site. Web designers are responsible for the elements of your website that users and customers experience —also known as UX and UI design. While the average cost for web design services is $75 an hour, the fees start at $60 an hour.

When offering web design services, there are different ways to receive payment. If the client is a business owner, they will need advanced features. A website builder should also consider the ongoing expenses of running the business.

Web Designers On Thumbtack Cost$690

Freelancers work with other freelancers, they know what other people charge—or can find out quickly. All freelance web and graphic designers have “rush job” rates. This is a rate you afford to drop everything—and risk delaying other work at the expense of other clients—and work on something urgently. If your standard rate is $200 an hour, saying your “drop everything” rate is $300 or even $400 an hour isn’t unheard of. The client might have an urgent need, but if you’ve committed to work for other clients, you have to put them on the back burner.

This is especially true when trying to figure out website design pricing. The more you add features the more it gets complicated and hence requires more time. For example, creating a business website or eCommerce platform for clients may require adding a payment gateway, product pages and many other features.

They’ll take care of backend technical tasks and make sure your website is updated, backed up, and secure. We’ll give you a complete breakdown of website building costs depending on the type of website you want and how you want to build it. Like this, several factors come into play when determining the cost of a website including the cost of your domain name, web hosting plan, marketing and promotions, and so on. Website building platforms like Pagecloud were made to empower creative professionals to build websites faster than ever and without code.

Challenges With Project Based Pricing

To help you decide on your basic rates, ask yourself what types of websites you are able to build. Each type may have a different value attached, depending on its complexity. If you hire a lawyer or an accountant—and you will as a freelancer—you find out their rate and you say “okay”.

Establish the countries or cities where you will offer website design services. If you have not worked for some time and don’t have many offers, then consider lowering the fee. This will allow you to compete with other players in the market.

Web design by Adam Bagus.The cost of a freelance designer is based on their own skill level. A master designer with decades of experience obviously costs more than a recent graduate on their first assignment. Still, when all the tallies are marked, a freelancer is almost always cheaper than their agency equivalent, even at the same skill level. Agencies will provide additional services, but with freelancers you’re only paying for the design work, and nothing more.

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